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07 Sep 2011

DHL Express Shipping Available Now


As you know, we will provide air package registered and all kinds of international express delivery service.
Normally, we will confirm your order in the day after sent products.

Air package registered charge is 10g / 2USD, single product less than 10g according to 10g calculation, more than 10g is every 10g increase 2USD.

If you choose the air package registered service,The products we sent will be in 10-25 working days is received.

If you desperately hope to receive our product as soon as possible, so that you can choose the international express delivery service, of course, you have to pay more fees.

If you choose the DHL services, usually, will within 7 working days from receipt of the products we sent.

In general , our delivery area is divided into three categories , different fees in different regions :

Zone 1 Countries (1-3 days) :


Start from 20USD.

Zone 2 Countries (2-4 days)



Start from 25USD

Zone 3 Countries (4-7 days)

The rest

Start from 30USD

If you want to choose the DHL Express shipping , please note that DHL has something called “remote area” , if the package is deliver to the remote area , you need to pay the extra payment.

Cost is about in the original foundation first weight increases 30USD,Beyond the original basis of 1.99USD increase every 500g.And express arrival time there will be delayed.

Before you select  the DHL shipping , please check if you are in the remote area in this page :http://remoteareas.dhl.com/jsp/first.jsp

Or you can choose the register air mail for your order shipping , it will cost start from 2 USD.

There might be some country that our DHL service does not reach, please choose air mail instead.  We are running beta for this shipping option, please let us know if any suggestion! Thank you!

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