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21 Jul 2012

Geekduino MEGA Olympic now is available!


Quad-Core Arduino? No, it is Geekduino MEGA Olympic! The Mega Oliymic has 4 UNO R3 interfaces, each unit has one UART, 2 I2Cs and 4 analog inputs. Two of the 4 units have the same SPI interface(Unit 1 and Unit 3), and the other two units have the same ICSP of ATmega2560 , so the Mega Oliymic not only [...]

07 Jul 2012

Mega Olympic is coming!


Geekduino Mega Olympic board based on the ATmega2560.It has almost all the elements of Arduino Mega 2560 R3, but it is more.Please stay close with us to explore the new elements on our one and only London Olympics edition!

19 Apr 2012

Makerbot Thing-O-Matic (Improved Version)


Makerbot Reprap mk7+gen4  (Improved Version)   Description (By Makerbot Official) This extruder was designed from scratch, and contains a number of custom manufactured parts. We’ve learned a lot over our past extruder designs, and incorporated a lot of those lessons here: that’s why it’s smaller, lighter, and faster to build. And since it’s designed from [...]

06 Apr 2012

GeekOnFire Logger Shield For Arduino

For the vacation of china (02-04-12 – 05-04-12), We are sorry about the GPS Shield would be manufactured latter. Now we design another Shield for Arduino, there will manufactured together with GPS Shield, after the date “15-04-12″.

10 Jan 2012

Happy New Spring Festival of China

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22 Dec 2011

New Product Post -20111223


Hi Guys, We will introduce our new product to you — Arduino Bluetooth Shield V1.0.

Arduino Bluetooth Shield  will be powerful and easy to use.

Please visit our wiki (Arduino Bluetooth shield V1.0 ) to  learn more information.

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21 Dec 2011

Arduino WIFI shield have been designed


Arduino WIFI shield will be made in next month.

It will be easy to use because it suppor “AT” command!

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19 Dec 2011

Arduino bluetooth shield

Do you like it?

There new product will available soon.

All of our shield/bee will be manufactured in accordance with the single row stark.

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06 Dec 2011

New Product Post -20111206

After a few modification,Arduino GPRS/GSM shield finally meet with everybody.Please enter the product page refer to detail parameters.Arduino GPRS/GSM shield

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23 Sep 2011

Our Debut Design – Arduino GPRS/WIFI/Bluetooth Shield

Yes, our design work has been launched, the open source hardware (including GPRS shield/WIFI shiled/Bluetooth shield) will meet with you in October .

                        GPRS Shield design by GOF Studio

Bluetooth Shield design by GOF Studio

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22 Sep 2011

About fusion PCB service(sequel)

Fusion PCB Service Process and The Process of Step3

If you want to order PCB,You can connect to Fusion PCB Service.

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20 Sep 2011

About fusion PCB service

As an electronic hobbyist, are you still bored for expensive PCB production fee. Don’t worry, the fusion PCB service we will introduce to you may help you solve this problem.

And we improve the services what let everyone more convenient for ordering based on web sites.

Here, we first statement of each option for you. Next time we describe detailed business process.

  • The PCB QTY :

Web site offers only : 10 PCS, 50 PCS, 100 PCS options.

The minimum PCB QTY we accept here is 10 PCs.

If you want to order more than 10 pcs, please do check the price for different options and find the most economic one.

Example:For PCB size (50mm X 100mm), 2 × 10 pcs option costs less than 1 × 50 pcs option, but 4 × 10 pcs option costs more than 1 × 50 pcs option.

  • The PCB Thickness :

Available PCB Thickness: 0.8mm,1.0mm,1.2mm,1.6mm,2.0mm options,

You will not for selected one of them(Size 0.8mm,1.0mm,1.2mm,1.6mm) to increase your PCB’s expenses, except selected Size 2.0mm

Thickness Tolerance: (0.8mm >t≥0.8mm) ±10% ;

  • The PCB Dimension :

Available Maximum Size: 50mm X 50mm, 50mm X 100mm, 50mm X 150mm, 50mm X 200mm, 100mm X 100mm, 100mm X 150mm, 100mm X 200mm, 150mm X 150mm, 150mm X 200mm, 200mm X 200mm options.

There include PCB dimension, real length and real width information.

“PCB Dimension”,That can select your PCB samples specifications, we use it calculated cost.“real length and real width” , we use this information to production.

Your PCB design(real length/width) must be equal or smaller than the dimensions of the service you select.

  • The PCB Color and Characters :

Available PCB Color: Green,Red, Yellow, Blue, White Options.

Green is free, other need extra 10$;

Solder Mask: Green, Red, Yellow, Blue, White;

Silk Screen: White(default), Black (For White Solder Mask only);

Solder Mask Type: Photosensitive ink;

Min Solder Mask Clearance: 0.1mm;

Minimum trace width: 6mil (6/1000 inch);

Minimum trace/vias/pads space : 6mil (6/1000 inch);

Minimum silkscreen width : 4mil (4/1000 inch);

Minimum silkscreen text size : 32mil (32/1000 inch);

  • The PCB Materials And Technology :

Available PCB Layer :1, 2 options,

Available surface Finish: HASL, HASL (Lead Free) +$5, ENIG+$10 options.

PCB Material: FR-4;

Insulation Layer Thickness: 0.075mm–5.00mm;

Out Layer Copper Thickness: 1oz (35um) ;

Inner Layer Copper Thickness: 17um—100um;

Drilling Hole (Mechanical): 0.3mm—6.35mm;

Finish Hole (Mechanical): 0.3mm—6.30mm;

Diameter Tolerance (Mechanical): 0.08mm;

Registration (Mechanical): 0.09mm;

Aspect Ratio 8:1;

Solder Mask Type: Photosensitive ink;

SMT min Solder Mask Width: 0.1mm;

Plug Hole Diameter: 0.25—0.60mm;

  • The “Gerber file” Statement :

There you can upload your Gerber file,but they must be packed into RAR or ZIP format.

Please compression related documents, and then upload.

Board outline must be included at least in one layer.

The Gerber file must be RS-274x format.

The following layers are needed:

Top layer: pcbname.GTL

Bottom layer: pcbname.GBL

Solder Stop Mask top: pcbname.GTS

Solder Stop Mask Bottom pcbname.GBS

Silk Top: pcbname.GTO

Silk Bottom pcbname.GBO

NC Drill: pcbname.TXT


  • The Other PCB Services:

E-TEST: 50% e-test, 100% e-test +$10

50% e-test (Tested PCB will have a mark on the PCB edge,that is free).

100% e-test optional for extra 10$

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07 Sep 2011

DHL Express Shipping Available Now


As you know, we will provide air package registered and all kinds of international express delivery service.
Normally, we will confirm your order in the day after sent products.

Air package registered charge is 10g / 2USD, single product less than 10g according to 10g calculation, more than 10g is every 10g increase 2USD.

If you choose the air package registered service,The products we sent will be in 10-25 working days is received.

If you desperately hope to receive our product as soon as possible, so that you can choose the international express delivery service, of course, you have to pay more fees.

If you choose the DHL services, usually, will within 7 working days from receipt of the products we sent.

In general , our delivery area is divided into three categories , different fees in different regions :

Zone 1 Countries (1-3 days) :


Start from 20USD.

Zone 2 Countries (2-4 days)



Start from 25USD

Zone 3 Countries (4-7 days)

The rest

Start from 30USD

If you want to choose the DHL Express shipping , please note that DHL has something called “remote area” , if the package is deliver to the remote area , you need to pay the extra payment.

Cost is about in the original foundation first weight increases 30USD,Beyond the original basis of 1.99USD increase every 500g.And express arrival time there will be delayed.

Before you select  the DHL shipping , please check if you are in the remote area in this page :http://remoteareas.dhl.com/jsp/first.jsp

Or you can choose the register air mail for your order shipping , it will cost start from 2 USD.

There might be some country that our DHL service does not reach, please choose air mail instead.  We are running beta for this shipping option, please let us know if any suggestion! Thank you!

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